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I’ve helped thousands of people from all walks of life to develop and improve their survival skills, prepare for every imaginable emergency, and gain confidence in their ability to protect their families and their properties. And I’m going to help you, too.

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Complete Home Security

Discover How You Can Fortify Your Home Better Than Brinks & ADT Combined.

FACT #1: According to the Bureau Of Justice Statistics…The average response time to a home invasion is over 20 minutes…

FACT #2: A typical home robbery only takes 5 to 7 minutes!

FACT #3: The Police response to a home alarm system going off is considered “low-priority“, since no lives are being immediately threatened!! And police are dispatched to the call LAST!
Every other 911 call get’s answered BEFORE A Home Alarm Signal, even if it’s as trivial as a twisted ankle!
Fact #4: You home will be robbed LONG before the police ever show up and the crooks will be long gone. And that’s the best possible outcome.

Fact #5: Did you know over 1/3rd of home invasions occur when the victims are at home?

Fact #6: Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked or “Easily Unlocked” door or window – and YOU likely have one they can use right now to access your home.

Modern Day Gardening

Think you have enough stockpiled for when an emergency strikes? Remember what happened with toilet paper last year? Don’t let that happen to your family with food. Learning survival gardening (gardening in a few square feet of space) is ESSENTIAL knowledge in the 21st century.

Stopping Identity Theft

People can have their identity stolen for YEARS and not even realize it happened.

Get IN FRONT of Identity Theft with this knowledge and never get taken advantage of again.

Unlimited Ammo

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